Solar Heating Gro-Tunnel Kit by DeWitt

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The sun heats the water tubes by day and the tubes heat the plants at night.

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Product Description

Create a warm, humid environment for your Spring, Fall and Winter gardens. The DeWitt Solar Heating Gro-Tunnel is constructed of DeWitt Fleece Cover which absorbs the heat of the sun while allowing air, water and light through to stimulate growth. The Gro-Tunnel has two solar-heating water tubes that run along each side. Each tube holds 10 gallons of water, when heated will release heat at night.GRO TUNNEL 1

The floor of the Gro-Tunnel is made from DeWitt Weed-Barrier Landscape Fabric, which collects heat, prevents weed growth and conserves soil moisture, in turn promoting healthy plant growth, thus eliminating the need for herbicides. When plant maturity has been reached, you simply slide the sides of the Gro-Tunnel upward and harvest your crop. Fresh from the garden to the table!


Each Gro-Tunnel Kit Includes:

1 DeWitt 10′ Fleece Cover with Built-In Hoops

1 DeWitt 10′ Weed-Barrier Landscape Fabric

2 Solar-Heated Water Tubes

8 Zip Ties



2′ wide x 10′ long x 18″ high

Water tubes are 5″ in diameter and 10′ long

Each water tube holds 10 gallons of water which releases heat throughout the night, keeping plants from freezing

Allows air, water, and moisture to reach the plant

Complete kit protects plants from frost, insects, wind, animals, weeds, and precipitation

Ideal for season extension and protection of delicate plants

Suggested Planting Method:

Prepare the soil. Lay the 36″ x 120″ weed barrier fabric on your row. Install plants or seeds down the center of the weed barrier. Lay solar water tubes on both sidesgro-tunnel assemble leaving at least 8″ of fabric on the outer sides.



Install the tunnel by pushing the wire supports through the fabric being extra careful not to puncture the solar tube.



Fill the solar water tubes with water. Twist the end like a bread wrapper. Install zip tie and tighten, then fold the twisted section and install an additional zip tie around the twisted tubes for extra security against leakage. Close the end of the tunnel and watch your plants grow.

Additional Information

Weight 5.0 lbs
Dimensions 21.0 x 21.0 x 1.0 in