Peat Strips (10 pots/strip)


Peat pot strips are molded from a mixture of 75% compressed sphagnum peat moss and 25% virgin wood fiber, thus making them organic and 100% biodegradable.

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Product Description

Excellent for veggies! Eco Friendly!
The unique property of Peat-Pots is the ease with which plant roots grow through the pot walls, permitting replanting without removing the pot. No shock or setback is suffered, so faster, heavier growth takes place. The results: better plants, earlier crops, heavier yields and shorter production time.

Product Description

Each strip consists of 10 square peat pots.

Each pot is 1¾ inches in diameter.

5 strips (50 pots) fit a standard 1020 flat.

Plant pots directly in ground or larger containers.

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