Green Screen Deer and Rabbit Repellent

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Discourage wildlife browsing. Odor is offensive to deer and rabbits. Green Screen is effective by placing bags or powder on the perimeters of your farm, garden and or orchard then within the gardens


Product Description

In one evening, an average deer or rabbit can undo what has taken a gardener weeks of careful nurturing to accomplish.

Green Screen ® Deer and Rabbit Repellent was developed in 1981 by a fruit grower in Michigan to protect her orchards from deer browsing damage. Green Screen ® has undergone extensive testing at Michigan State University and has proven to be an effective repellent against deer and rabbits.



* Green Screen® is 100% organic and non-toxic.

* Green Screen® is safe on edible crops.

* Green Screen® requires no special storage.

* Green Screen® will not damage plants.

* Green Screen® need not completely cover all plants.

* Green Screen® may be applied in any weather conditions.

* Green Screen® is safe for the environment.

* Green Screen® may be applied during bud break or flower blooming.

* Green Screen® stays effective after rainfall.

* Green Screen® requires no preliminary preparation of area to be treated.

* Green Screen® requires no mixing, spraying or painting.

* Green Screen is available in ready to use bags or powder.

* Green Screen® Bags

Green Screen bags can be hung approximately 2 feet apart to discourage deer and rabbits from browsing your gardens. Hang Green Screen bags approximately 1 foot above the ground to deter rabbits and up to 4 feet above the ground to deter deer. Green Screen bags can be hung at staggered intervals to deter both rabbits and deer in the same area. 20 bags will protect 20 trees or bushes or 2 – 24′ x 72′ rows of vegetation. Green Screen bags will withstand extreme weather conditions, and will last in the elements for up to 3 months at which time it is recommended that they be replaced.



Linda, Jackson, MI.

“The deer have a path across our yard and garden all Winter and Spring, when we put the bags on the posts holding the rabbit fence, NO DEER in the garden. I put them on the ornamental trees and that stops the deer. We love your product and have passed on your address to many other gardeners. Thank you!!”


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