These 6″ biodegradable fabric staples are comprised of a natural plastic that originate from materials that are abundantly grown in the United States.

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Product Description

E-Staples are a revolutionary biodegradable turf and ground anchor staple comprised of a natural plastic that originates from materials in the United States. The E-Staple composition is Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) plastic that is derived from plant sugars and oils. One benefit of using “Natural plastics” is that it eliminates the use of petroleum-based plastics which in turn helps to reduce our dependency on oil. The E-Staples PHA is actually made by the bacterium “ralstonia eutropha” which converts sugars directly into plastic in the case of PHA.

Works great with DeWitt Garden Weed Barrier®!

* E-Staples will degrade completely from the soil in 8-24 months.

* Up to 1212% more anchoring strength than competitors.

* Biodegrades in cold (43 ºF) to hot (180 ºF) conditions.

* 100% biodegradation from bacteria.

* Does not require a pre hydrolytic reduction in molecular weight for degradation to begin.

* Water resistant and do not soften from moisture during storage

* Superior to other biodegradable staples that do not degrade so easily.

* Made using natural plastic from plant sugars and not petroleum based.

* Can be used to anchor turf and erosion control products such as burlap.