garden weed barrier

DeWitt Garden Weed Barrier®


Biodegradable Paper Mulch designed for annual gardens and plantings, 100% organic and environmentally responsible alternative to black plastic.

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Product Description

Made from premium recycled paper, DeWitt Garden Weed Barrier®

is chemical free and OMRI Listed® DeWitt Garden Weed Barrier is an environmentally sustainable, weed controlling vegetable and garden mulch suitable for use by Growers and Home Garden enthusiasts.

Check out these features:


allows air and water through


* Made from natural paper fiberplants

* Gradually decomposes

* Lasts a full growing season

* No clean up – simply till into soil

* Excellent for vegetable gardens

* Use in flower gardens too




Made from all natural cellulose fibers, DeWitt Garden Weed Barrier is a 100% biodegradable paper mulch that decomposes at the end of the season. This garden mulch effectively eliminates weeds,helps reduce erosion, can moderate soil temperatures and can be worked into the soil after the growing season. DeWitt Garden Weed Barrier is the environmentally sound and acceptable replacement for plastic mulches and is a natural choice for the environmentally conscious.


Easy to Follow Instructions:


* Lay DeWitt Garden Weed-Barrier over

* garden bed and cut an (X) into dry paper,

* where the plant is to be located.

* Secure paper with DeWitt E-Staples.

* Cover edges with soil to hold in place and plant your vegetables or flowers.

* Water as normal. Watch your garden grow!

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