Growing Information and Resources

Pests and Disease:

ATTRA Pest Management Publications: Publications about organic pest management including specific recommendations for flea beetles, Colorado potato beetles, cucumber beetles, squash bugs, squash vine borer, nematodes, and much more.

Insect Pest Management for Organic Crops: A good overview of organic pest management practices including, cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical approaches as well as information on beneficial insects and equipment. Published by the California Small Farm Program and the UCDavis Vegetable Research and Information Center.

Soils, Cover Cropping and Nutrition:

Cover Cropping Guides: Very informative cover cropping guides from the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program at UCDavis including general recommendations, seeding rates, and methods for over 40 different cover crops.

ATTRA Soils Publications: Includes information on organic potting mixes, understanding soils tests, and organic soil amendments.

Composting Publications: Cornell Composting is maintained by the Cornell Waste Management Institute and provides access to a variety of composting educational materials and programs developed at Cornell University.

Crop and Production Information:

ATTRA Field Crops Publications: Lists an array of publications on organic crop production including biodynamic methods.

Organic Vegetable Production Guidelines: Recommendations and guidelines for organic crop management from the Integrated Crop and Pest Management Center of Cornell University.

Weed Management:

Weed Management for Organic Crops: Comprehensive overview of organic weed management techniques including cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical organic weed control methods. Published by the California Small Farm Program and the UCDavis Vegetable Research Information Center.

Weed Science Society: Good weed identification source with extensive photo library including many at seedling stage.

Organic Business and Marketing Support:

ATTRA Organic Marketing Publications: Information on organic marketing topics including resources for direct marketing and value added products.

Organic Farming and Marketing, USDA: Information on labeling and compliance for organic products.

New Farm Organic Price Index: Current organic produce pricing indexes from the Rodale New Farm website. The site also contains many marketing related articles and news updates.