Welcome to WoodCreek Farm!


Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, WoodCreek Farm has become a mainstay in the community for Naturally Grown Organic Herbs, Plants, and Vegetables. In addition, WoodCreek Farm carries a diverse offering of Natural and Organic Growing Supplies. We are a working farm, not a farm supply warehouse in Some City, Somewhere. We use all of the organic products we sell at one time or another throughout the growing seasons. Inquiries are welcome, Advice is Free!

“One of the keys to our future – a future of clean air and water, healthy soil, and nutritious organically grown food – in your garden”. “By growing gardens rich in diversity, we improve our own health and that of the environment, while doing our part to conserve the genetic legacy of the earth. As with natural ecosystems, diversity in the garden provides many benefits. Diverse plantings harbor beneficial insects and critical pollinators. Varied diets provide plants with more complete nutrition. Cover cropping, crop rotation, and composting a variety of plant materials builds healthy, balanced, living soils. Through cultivating diversity our gardens become harmonious, ever-changing environments of wonder and discovery, while producing an abundance of food, flowers, medicine, and habitat for wildlife and ourselves” – Seeds of Change.